On this page you can view and download most of the projects and publications I’ve done. A small number of the projects are only to be found in Danish, which will be apparent from the description. If you have any questions please contact me.

“Innovating the coast” – A Qualitative study of Experience-based strategies in Northern European Coastal Tourism

March, 2013 | (Under construction…)
A semester project that focuses on innovation in Northern European coastal tourism. In particular it focuses on how experience-based design strategies are being used as a means to create memorable experiences and thereby differentiating the destination. A case study of the Dutch Wadden Sea island Ameland is conducted.

“The Blokhus of Tomorrow” – Innovation Workcase

February, 2013 Download slideshow  | Download PDF
As part of the semester framework dealing with innovation in tourism, a joint work-case was conducted in collaboration with House of Economic Growth, Northern Jutland (Væksthus Nordjylland) with the aim of developing concepts for destination development at the Danish seaside destination of Blokhus.

“Healing Salt” –
A Qualitative study of Thalassotherapy tourists – Læsø Kur

October, 2012 | Please contact me if you are interested in this publication
Semester project that examines the motivational factors and identity-formation processes in connection with engaging in wellness tourism. The project is based on a study of thalassotherapy tourists that go to Læsø Kurbad, ‘to get better’. Questions as to how travelling to wellness destination can be seen as a form of transformative travel and how the destination is exploiting this, are raised.

“Havneby” – A
n Active and Vibrant Experience Space on the Harbor

September, 2012 | Please contact me if you are interested in this publication (Only in Danish at this point)
An interdisciplinary project with staff from tourism, architecture and industrial design. The project analyses the potential of the island-based seaside destination of Havneby, in particular how to use the harbor as an active and dynamic space for tourists. Subsequently attention is drawn towards developing experience-based concepts on the basis of the potential. The project was part of a bigger destination development project carried out on a regional basis, operated by the renowned consulting firm Hird & Ko.

“Hilsen til Jarl” – Developing Interactive Experiences for Mountain bikers
February, 2012 | Download PDF (Only in Danish at this point)
An explorative and productive semester project that proposes a conceptual model for how digital media can be utilized in connection with cultural heritage and active sports experiences. The model is centered around mountainbike experiences in a World War II area near the seaside destination Slette Strand.

“Cultural Heritage in Bits n’ Bytes” – A Qualitative study of Digital Mediation of Cultural Heritage
September, 2011 Download PDF (Only in Danish at this point)
Semester project that is examining how digital media are utilized in order to facilitate and make ‘the somewhat borring’ cultural heritage more appealing. Three different designs in Northern Jutland (Denmark) are explored and examined through the perspective of experience economy. The project also raises questions as to whether or not there can be talked about digital enrichment.