Aurora hunting in Denmark

Although many think that Denmark is pretty far up north, you usually have to be a little lucky to see the northern lights at this latitude. Often when the lights are on you can’t actually see them with the naked eye but only through a camera lens. Last weekend’s solar storm, however, was the biggest in over 10 years, so chances were great that we were going to see the lights.


If you’re lucky, you can see such spectacular lights in Denmark. This image was taken by Jesper Grønne in Silkeborg, 2011

Since the lights weren’t visible from Viborg, we went to the Limfjord around Skive in hope that the darkness here would provide for better visibility. However, clouds pulling in from the West prevented any clear sights.

After Skive we had a look at the cloud forecast and saw that the only place clear of clouds was up in the bay area near Fjerritslev. Therefore we went to Klim Strand were conditions finally proved great with solid darkness + a cloudless sky. Unfortunately, the aurora strength had dropped and the lights were too weak for us to see, even though we tried to see them through our camera lenses. Nonetheless, we captured some great images of the beautiful starry sky over the North Sea.


We captured some great images of the beautiful starry sky over the North Sea. This image was taken over Klim Strand.

Others were more lucky at capturing the lights than us. This image was taken near Frederikshavn in the north of Denmark.


Photo by Børge Agerholm

And this photo was captured near the place where I grew up in Djursland, Denmark.


Photo by Valther Jørgensen