About me

round meI consider myself a researcher, storyteller and strategist with a flair for adventure. This site will mainly be dedicated my professional activities as a consultant within the tourism industry but will also provide a platform for blog posts about different things that interest me (and hopefully others too).

Tourism is a very vibrant and diverse industry. To some extent it is ‘ever-changing’ and one has to keep up with the latest trends n treats in order to stay competitive – or stay ahead of competition. This is exactly why I decided to take part of it. 7 BannersI like to be where things are in motion. I have also always been interested in languages and culture just as I have traveled repeatedly. I most certainly do believe that traveling is medicine for the body and soul.

Designing and providing people with experiences of different kinds have also been a thing in my life. For that reason I have a Bachelor degree in Interactive Digital Media Design (Aalborg University). Through these studies I have gained major insight into concepts such as: experience economy, storytelling and viral marketing. I find these skills very useful in a tourism context,
both when it comes to developing destinations and
when applied in branding strategies.

In my leisure time my true passion is adventure sports. As a result, everytime I get the chance, I go to the forest for a mountain bike ride or to the coast to surf some waves. When it comes to holidays, I prefer going to the mountains to go for a hike and just to take in the epic landscapes – that is when I truly feel alive. What in particular fascinates me about adventure sports is that inner battle that is going on – just how much are you in fact are able to push yourself? To me, this is the perfect combination of being active and exploring. To explore the landscapes but also to explore oneself.

Some of the best and most memorable experiences of my life are associated with travelling and being active. My vision is to better reconcile these interests, in order to offer others these kinds of experiences. Working strategically with forms of tourism, in which people can engage in stimulating and developing experiences, is therefore something that is high on my agenda.

If you are interested in working with me, just want to talk or have some other errand, please do not hesitate to contact me. Whatever the cause I will be happy to assist you. Please also feel free to add me to your social media sites (links in the top right).

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