A perfect day on the mountain

Do you know that feeling of having just had a perfect day in the outdoors? One of those days where everything just clicks; the weather is smiling to you, you’re in an awesome flow and you just get rewarded with the most exceptional views. I had one of those days yesterday on Esja. It was a beautiful day and I wanna share a couple of pics with you guys. Enjoy :-)

2013-11-23 13.07.34

Waking up with that feeling of ”today’s gonna be a good day”, I went outside to check how the mountains were doing. And when Esja presents herself so brilliantly in the morning glow as she did yesterday you just know it’s gonna be a good day :-)

2013-11-23 15.56.23

Looking down on Reykjavik and surroundings from high on Esja. There’s absolutely nothing to complain about :-)

2013-11-23 16.10.14

Once you have gotten up through the rock belt you reach the summit plateau, where you can walk a good 2 km to reach the ’true’ summit of Esja. It is a nice hike in a land of snow and ice (when doing the hike in winter) and it steepens gently towards the summit. Yesterday I was so fortunate to walk up here with high sun and no wind. It doesn’t get much better than that :-)

2013-11-23 16.25.14

Looking northwest towards Akrafjall where I originally planned to go. I in fact bought a bus ticket with that as my destination. But something told me to jump off at Esja – and boy I am glad I did that :-) Out in the horizon right above Akrafjall to the left you can catch a glimpse of Snæfellsjökull – the notorious volcano located on Snæfellsness some 120 kms away.

2013-11-23 16.43.27

In the horizon, a pretty epic line-up. From left to right: Hekla, Tindfjallajökull and Eyjafjallajökull

2013-11-23 16.43.39

Looking south: the geothermal power stations of Reykjavik. And way out in the horizon – that small black dot – that is the island Surtsey. The island that is celebrating its 40 years old birthday these days :-) Amazing that you are actually able to see that from here. It is also some 120 kms from here.

2013-11-23 16.47.24

Standing on the highest point of Esja (914 m) with the amazing glaciers of Eiriksjökull and Langjökull in the background. Pretty cool as the sun was starting to set (around 14.30 pm) causing the glaciers and snow to glow :-)

2013-11-23 16.59.05

The summit of Esja with the Skardsheidi mountain group in the background.

2013-11-23 17.14.16

An amazing sunset started to show over Reykjavik as I started to descend on the western side of Kitsufell.

2013-11-23 17.39.28

Looking up the weststern rock belt of Kitsufell from where I came down. Looks a little steep from here but was in fact very nice and easy going.

2013-11-23 17.40.17

Another magnificent rock belt on Esja.

2013-11-23 17.58.52

The sunset reflected in the ice. A magical descend from Esja.

2013-11-23 18.14.53

Reykjavik and the mountains of Reykjanes peninsula revealed as silhouettes on a burning sky. Especially Keilir – the pyramid shaped mountain – stands out.

2013-11-23 18.31.28

The skyline of Reykjavik in an amazing sunset – a perfect ending to a perfect day on the mountain :-) Feeling very thankfull.

Viva good times in the outdoors!